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@ EOMinds™: Even & Odd Minds is an equal opportunity employer providing opportunities to all its qualified employees and potential employees.

We are committed to creating a rewarding career for each of our employees and investing in their personal and professional development. We are proud of the fact that we have successfully balanced our deep focus on process and operational excellence with our passion for people development—it reflects in everything we do.

We invite you to join our challenging, gratifying and rewarding world of IT consulting. An excellent career growth with good compensation and benefits package are just the starting incentives for the right candidate.

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Referrals that Pay Off - Even & Odd Minds employees, contractors, and consultants love our referral programs. Employees and associates who refer new candidates or clients receive a referral bonus.

Candidate Leads - Receive a bonus for referring an individual candidate that qualifies for an Even & Odd Minds client’s project. New candidates who are not in the Even & Odd Minds database or who have not been working with the Even & Odd Minds Sales/ Recruiting team are eligible. The employee will receive the referral bonus 3 months after the referred employee starts on a project and must still be employed with Even & Odd Minds at the time when the payment of bonus is due.

Positions Referral Amount
IT Infrastructure / Admin support $500
Application / Systems development/ Microsoft Technologies $1000
ERP (JDEdward/Oracle/SAP) $2000

Business Leads - Employees are also eligible for a bonus if they refer a new client that is not in our database and who does not have a relationship with Even & Odd Minds. Leads must result in a staffing placement and bonuses range from $500 to $5000, depending on the client and project.


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We are usually in need for some skills and are mostly hiring for these skills. Contact our recruitment team for starting a conversation.


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