Managed IT Services

Even & Odd Minds provides Managed services as a distinct kind of outsourcing that covers all the major IT functions involved inside a business. In this fully outsourced EOMinds Managed Services arrangement, EOMinds takes over the technology decisions. However, these decisions are within the parameters that our clients have set. The only significant role client business is left within our managed services model is to review the processes and progress.

Even & Odd Minds as a Managed IT Service Provider works remotely to manage it’s customer’s IT infrastructure and/or end-user systems. This is a very proactive approach and is part of a subscription model.

What are the benefits of employing EOMinds™ Managed Services?

There are numerous benefits of EOMinds™ Managed services, The key differentiators are the following:

  • Risk Reduction : We at Even & Odd Minds take all the risks.
  • Managed & Budgeted Predefined Fixed Cost : A month-to-month or annual payments that will not fluctuate. This way your company will know precisely how much it will need to budget for its IT expenditure for the year.
  • Knowledge library / Retention : There is no employee turnover. We will keep the information about every process and details on file. They will also bring expertise from our previous clients and project to you/your company.
  • You can Focus on the Core Business : We will free up your employees from the IT concerns and processes that are not helping the company.
  • Cost Efficiency : Process centralization inside the company eliminates the redundancies and induces cost benefits.
  • Scalability : EOMinds services can be scaled quickly in case of acquisition or geographic location additions or scope expansion with relatively low additional costs.
  • Our Culture : We have people with the skill and mindset to optimize efforts beyond the documentation.

As your single point of contact for comprehensive IT solutions and services that solve your business challenges, Even & Odd Minds brings together the best in technology and services to provide total solutions along with a robust methodology that addresses each stage of the technology adoption cycle with a focus on cost savings.

Onsite Technologies

Application Architecture, Database Architecture, Development, Testing, Implementation, Enterprise Application Integration, EMV Migration, PKI Based Solutions, Smart Card Applications Implementation, Oracle/ SAP/ PeopleSoft ERP Implementation Services, Security Consulting.

Off-site Technologies

Application Development, Application Maintenance, Outsourced Dedicated Development Team and Web Application Development.