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Job Description

The Senior Software engineer will contribute to and sometimes drive the whole team to solutions applying iterative methods to deliver software that enriches the lives of its end users while exhibiting high internal and external quality.

Key Skills required:

• Work on large-scale, custom distributed systems using Java, .NET or JavaScript

• Help drive designs towards asynchronous, functional, reactive systems

• Have been part of high performance teams of software engineers

• Be responsible for the quality (both internal and external) of software and help address any client satisfaction issues

• Be a mentor and role model for other software engineers

• Employ agile techniques such as task estimation, test automation, deployment automation and continuous integration to enhance overall execution speed and product quality

• Think through hard problems and work with teams to make them reality

• Provide strong communication skills via education and mentoring to team members, business users, and technology colleagues.

• Develop your career by focusing on elements you are passionate about.

Stakeholder management and leadership.

• To work across multiple phases of software development within a project as a team member or dealing with the most technically challenging assignments.

This includes:

- Working directly with business areas to clarify detailed technical requirements.

- Designing, coding and unit testing the most complex software components for new or enhanced IT systems to a high level of quality, producing appropriate documentation.

- Providing technical support to business analyst/project managers and coaching to less experienced staff across a geographically dispersed teams

- Maintaining an expert level awareness of relevant software design techniques, development tools and processes, providing leadership in the use of these across the organisation area.

-Decision making and problem solving.

• Highly technical skills required

• Supporting all legacy and new technical platforms

• Developing for both RUN and CHANGE strategies

• Supporting business SI and expense projects

• Production support for development and remediation

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